PYLE-SPORTS PHMD72 PHMD72 Metal Detector

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PHMD72 PHMD72 Metal Detector

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PYLE-SPORTS PHMD72 PHMD72 Metal Detector
Finds precious metals & treasures buried underground; Effectively finds gold, silver, iron, coins, jewelry & more; Control box with depth sensitivity indication; Target pinpoint ability ; Adjustable/extendable locating arm; Comfortable arm support & grip; Folding/extending design for easy transport or storage; 7.8″, waterproof submergible search coil; Built-in speaker with detection ping alerts; Digital “Metal Hit” depth perception readout; Adjustable volume & 8-level sensitivity settings; 3.5mm jack; Elimination function allows users to ignore select metals; Automatic ground balance for accuracy & reliability; Depth level readout indication: 2″/4″/6″/8″; Locating sensitivity: 9″ max depth; Low-battery indication; Signal frequency: 7.5kHz +/- 1kHz; Requires 4 AA batteries;


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